A Friend for Life Video

Start your Program Orientation with “A Friend for Life”! 
Testimonials from mentors and mentees bring a human face to your organization, while also reminding prospective mentors why your work is so valuable! 
“A Friend for Life” is a great way to introduce the topic of mentoring and stimulate discussion. It can also be used at volunteer trainings or volunteer recruitment events.
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In the Video, Mentors and Mentees Share Their Stories:
  • JAVIER inspires with his story of how OSCAR’s support kept him out of trouble, allowing him to pursue and achieve his goal of becoming a doctor
  • ALBERTO & JESSE discuss the role of a mentor and the impact that a mentor can have on the life of a young person 
  • PENELOPE says about mentor AMY, “Whenever I have a problem, I just call her.”



$35, ISBN: 978-0-9789107-2-3, 

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Transforming the lives of at-risk youth through the power of mentoring