A Team



2016 Recruitment Advisory & Action Team (A Team)


James Bailey

Alysia Chevalier

Lisa-Anne Chung

Bonnie Ho

Connie Maurer

Jeff Mounzer

Eric Newman

Haley Schwartz


The A Team was formed specifically to recruit more mentors for youth in need. Members of the A Team have diverse personal and professional backgrounds, and all are concerned community members who are champions of mentoring and Friends for Youth.  The A Team is an integral part of Friends for Youth’s recruitment efforts.



A Team 2013:

Judy Cronin, Antonia Lindsey, Christine Mauser, Deb McGrath, Jose Navarette, Selim Onal, Kristen Potter, Jim Prior, and Karen Woodell


A Team 2012:
Sandeep Ashok, Timan Goshit, Christina Monis, Kim Newell, Tania Rojas, Angela Tsun, and Casey Zandona


A Team 2011:
Stacy Brown-Philpot, Lisa Chow, Maria Fernandez, Kristin Hanley, Mike Havern, Mike Orazi, Paulette Savage, and Donna Vaillancourt

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