Hugh & Jonathan

Friendship Stories: 

Hugh & Jonathan

Hugh & Jonathan had their friendship picture taken in 2005 (the year they
were matched) and again in 2010–after five years of friendship!
Hugh and Jonathan decided to interview each other for this article.
Hugh: Jon and his sister Jessica were paired with me and my wife, Petra. We met and went out for ice cream and we weren’t really sure what we were supposed to do or what we were getting into. Was that the  same for you, Jon?
Jon: When we first met, I had no idea what to do either, or how to act. Me and my sister were both very nervous and kind of intimidated. 
Hugh: Really? You never told me that. I guess I do look kind of scary! Anyway, we got on well and made each other laugh. Right?
Jon: Yep. We got to be friends really quickly and laughed a lot.
Hugh: So what were you scared about?  For us, we didn’t know how to be mentors.  Turns out you just have to show up and have fun.
Jon: I was kind of scared of how to act and if you guys would like us or not. I think a mentor is exactly that. To have fun with their friend and have a lot of good times together. One of my favorite activities together was when we went to play mini-golf with Petra and Jessica.
Hugh: That was especially good because I won! It’s also fun just hanging out. You’ve changed a lot though in 5 years, after all you were just 11 when we met, now you’re nearly 17 and a senior. And you’re a black belt at Karate, you’re taller than your sister again and you’re even a little bit grown up sometimes!
Jon: No, no… If I remember correctly, I won. But it doesn’t matter. We both … had a lot of fun, didn’t we? A lot has happened since we started with Friends For Youth. You caught the “Parent Virus” and had one, then two kids! But you still are a lot of fun to be around. 
Hugh: So what difference has it made, you and me being buddies? I learned a lot about teenage life, I gained a good friend, and it’s been great seeing you grow up. 
Jon: Well, I have had a lot of fun since we became buddies, and I’ve learned a lot of things from you, like what adult life is like from that time you took me to your work place, and I also learned what hard work it is and how time consuming it can be to be a parent. 
Hugh: True, but its also very rewarding. Our kids arriving meant we couldn’t spend as much time with you which is a shame, but its great seeing you play with them when we get together. You and your sister are such great kids. Errr. Youths.  Errr….  Adults, practically!
Jon: Hahaha. Yup, me and my sister both have had a blast hanging out with you, Petra, Vivien, and Kieran when you have time to hang out between your jobs, and your kids. And we’ll always have Facebook!!

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