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For more information on our resource SAFE (Screening Applicants for Effectiveness): Guidelines to Prevent Child Molestation in Youth-Serving Organizations, the first publication of its kind, click here.

For additional training resources, tips for mentoring professionals, and statistics visit our SAFE Training Resources Page

  • This training focuses on the recommended tools and approaches from our resource SAFE (Screening Applicants for Effectiveness): Guidelines to Prevent Child Molestation in Mentoring and Youth-Serving Organizations that many programs already use in screening and assessing their volunteers. Adaptable to both those new to the field and those who are experienced in the field, this workshop addresses what is recommended and why, as well as how to use both subjective and objective components to make the best decision. Additionally, research gathered in the writing of the Mentor Screening and Youth Protection chapter for the 2nd edition of the Handbook of Youth Mentoring will be reviewed.  (For Program Staff, Program Directors)


    Download the new recommendations. Based on research on perpetrators from related allied fields (psychology, social work, education, and youth development) and practitioner knowledge in youth mentoring, this list of Minimum Standard and Highly Recommended tools and processes can help your program know what to put in place to ensure youth safety.

    Access the downloadable sample forms from SAFE Training here.

  • Trainings scheduled upon request and review.

  • Friends for Youth has been the leader in the youth mentoring field in developing guidelines for programs to implement in order to select safe volunteer mentors. Based on research from our resource SAFE (Screening Applicants for Effectiveness): Guidelines to Prevent Child Molestation in Mentoring and Youth-Serving Organizations and more recently for our chapter, Mentor Screening and Youth Safety, included in the Handbook on Youth Mentoring, 2nd Ed., we help organizations by offering recommendations on screening and monitoring tools and process and on developing policies and procedures to ensure maximum safety.


    In 2013, we launched our SAFE Training Certification program, equipping our first cohort of technical assistance providers with Friends for Youth’s copyrighted materials to use with their own communities.

    Once certified, SAFE Trainers

    ·       Use Friends for Youth’s copyrighted materials in their own communities

    ·       Receive a wholesale discount on all copies of SAFE for future presentations

    ·       Engage in online meetings to receive updated material, exchange experiences, and receive support

    For information on how to become a safe trainer, contact Becky Cooper, Executive Director, at 650-368-4464 or to inquire about the next cohort of Certified SAFE Trainers and start the process of bringing this training to your community!


    “We regard SAFE as the gold standard for screening practices in the field and want to be sure that our highest quality programs review this text, including samples of the application and interview questions provided.”

    -Oregon Mentors  


    SAFE Training has allowed us to offer a high-quality and extremely important training to programs in our service area. We appreciate that the material has been developed by experts in the field and the support has been exceptional.”

    -2013 cohort SAFE Trainer


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