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  • Is your volunteer screening process strong enough?
  • If something happened could you look back and defend your process?
  • Find out how to strengthen your mentor applicant screening with SAFE.


The first publication of its kind, SAFE (Screening Applicants for Effectiveness): Guidelines to Prevent Child Molestation in Mentoring and Youth-Serving Organizations was developed to help organizations prevent infiltration of child predators into their mentoring and youth-serving programs. Based on volumes of research, Recommended Best Practices, and Friends for Youth’s quarter century of experience, SAFE offers practical, tested tools to screen out potential child predators and prevent child molestation.

SAFE includes the latest in child molestation research, decades of Friends for Youth’s experience with screening volunteers, and recommendations from leading experts like Carla Van Dam, Ph.D. (Identifying Child Molesters) and Sgt. Steve McEwan of the San Jose Police Department, trainer on child exploitation for California police officers.




$25, 6″ x 9″, 160 pages

ISBN: 978-0-692-36436-9      


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Friends for Youth’s Mentoring Institute is a leader in the field of Recommended Best Practices and now brings the resource Dr. Susan Weinberger, aka Dr. Mentor, calls:

“One of the most comprehensive and scholarly publications that addresses the need to insure maximum protection for individuals involved in mentoring programs. The document will serve well to guide professionals in the field of mentoring.”

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