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Serving youth-in-need in San Mateo and Northern Santa Clara Counties, our mentoring program matches youth with adult volunteers. The youth in our program are referred by teachers, counselors, therapists, social workers, and other youth professionals. Our youth are youth-in-need,  meaning they may be facing problems at home with their families, struggling at school, or experiencing issues in their neighborhood.

One-to-One Program Overview

Our one-to-one program provides long-term, adult mentoring with supporting services to disadvantaged, at-risk youth with focus on education, preventing negative behaviors and developing positive life-skills.  As a trusted one-to-one relationship develops over time, mentees become more open to guidance towards identifying goals, applying healthy habits, and improving their resiliency and self-esteem.  100% of our mentees remain in school.  The Program is voluntary, ongoing, and provided without cost to participants. Youth are matched with an adult mentor for a 1-year period and meet 2-3 hours each week.  Mentors meet with school counselors, teachers and support academic engagement.  Program Coordinators are in constant communication with mentors supporting the mentor/mentee relationship  based on the Elements of Effective Practices, and for developing the supporting workshops, activities, and materials.

These young people are ages 8-17 and need a positive and supportive adult in their lives. Volunteer mentors serve as a friend and role model, making a significant and measurable difference in a young person’s self-esteem, social skills, school performance, and decision-making skills.

Connect Program Overview

Our Connect school-based group mentoring program provides severely at-risk high school incoming freshmen adult support and guidance to avoid being among the majority of dropouts that occur in the freshmen year.  These severely disadvantaged youth live in extreme poverty, face challenging home lives and have been identified as being at high risk of academic failure.  Groups of 2-3 students work with an adult mentor during weekly sessions during school hours.  Along with Friends for Youth program staff members, students and mentors participate in a variety of activities, with the goal of establishing a trusting relationship.  Students are encouraged to take responsibility, set goals, and strive to overcome their daily challenges.  Mentors provide support and encouragement, and let youth know they are there for them.  


Learn more about our programs, take a look at our Year End Summary.

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